New fireplace? We recommend one with convection technology!

Convection heat - fireplace and stove warmth that heats the whole room.

Convective heat stoves and fireplaces

Clean combustion

Fireplaces from Nordpeis

When you are enjoying yourself in front of your Nordpeis fire, you can do it with a clean conscience. All our fireplaces and stoves are clean burning. This means that the fireplace has a dual combustion system that converts the gases and particles in the smoke into heat. Wood as fuel is, thanks to modern technology, an environmentally friendly way to heat your home.

Take a journey back in time with Nordpeis

Have you ever wondered, as your gaze falls upon the dancing flames in a fire, whether they’re the same flames your forefathers gazed upon a million years ago? 

Lighting from the top

This article is for those of you who continue to crumple up newspaper and save egg boxes. You may even have a special knife for whittling kindling, which you lay on top of the crumpled newspaper before employing your own unique method to painstakingly balance the wood on top of it. 

See how the fireplace suits in your room!

With Roomsketcher can easily draw professional floorplans with fireplaces and stoves from Nordpeis, without any special knowledge.

Choose a design fireplace or stove

Trends come and trends go. But even if nothing lasts forever, it is unquestionable that some fireplaces and stoves are designed with a more durable look.

Fireplaces from Nordpeis

Se Nordpeis nye film.

Watch our video - how to light your fire

Once you mastered the art of fire lighting properly, you will get the most out of you product, creating a wonderful atmosphere while using your wood as efficiently as possible.