Interior design expert Halvor Bakke has no fewer than three fireplaces in his own home, and says he couldn’t live without them.

- I love fireplaces! The warmth they provide, the smell you can never create with an electric stove, and the magical atmosphere generated by real flames, says interior design expert Halvor Bakke.

He personally has stoves at home and in his cabin, and he is more than happy to furnish a space based on the fireplace alone.

- There’s something quite special about a fireplace - it acts as jewellery for a house, and can emphasise and confirm the style of a home, says Bakke.

Your style, your fireplace

Halvor Bakke, who appears in the Norwegian TV series ‘Eventyrlig Oppussing’ on TV3, is primarily focused on appearance when choosing a stove, and believes that a fireplace should be in harmony with both the house and its interior.

- There is such an incredible number of beautiful fireplaces and stoves to choose from. Select a heat source that suits your home, style and needs, Bakke says.

He recommends choosing a stove that emphasises and confirms the style you already have at home. The stoves currently on the market are simpler and neater than those from a few decades ago, when heavier stoves with curved doors were all the rage.

- Also remember to choose a stove based on your own heating requirements. It’s silly to end up with a fireplace that is too big as you’ll soon be too warm. A smaller fireplace means you can burn for longer and really enjoy keeping cosy,’ says the interior design expert.

A round new product

The latest launch by Nordpeis is the ME stove. It is a pretty little stove with a unique design in that it is round.

- I dig it. It’s so fun and unNorwegian. It has international design flare, even though it is designed by Nordpeis right here in Norway, says Halvor Bakke, referring to the round new product.

ME consists of a series of stoves where you can choose from seven different design expressions. You can adapt it to your style and home, whether you prefer having it on a glass stand, hanging on the wall or even from the ceiling.

Read more about ME.


Halvor Bakke is an ambassador for the ME stove, and thinks the fireplace is a great contrast to the many boxy, square designs most of us have in our homes. 

- It breaks the mould of a traditional stove and makes it very exciting. If you choose this stove, you introduce a unique eye-catcher into your home, says Bakke, adding that he believes that ME is particularly well-suited to modern home or in cabins by the sea.

- It’s small and elegant, yet big inside. And it is brilliantly suited to Nordic interior design, says Bakke, who feels that fireplaces are generally undervalued as items of furniture.

- I have three stoves at home, but only one small TV. On a chilly evening, I’m happy to start the fire whether it is July or November. It is just fantastic to allow your thoughts to drift into the flames,’ he says.