Bookcase, sideboard or wood stove? The BOX modular system provides you with a wealth of options when furnishing your home, and the BOX stove is an integrated element in this.

When Nordpeis designer Ingvild Wasbotten Mørk designed the BOX stove, she wanted to create a furniture concept with the stove at its heart.

- BOX is a cross between a stove and a piece of furniture. It is a modular system that is flexible and can be built as big or small as you want it, Mørk explains.

BOX, which has just been launched by Nordpeis, consists of big and small modules that can be positioned around a stove insert however you wish. The modules can function as bookcases, wood stores, or open shelving that can be closed using cupboard doors if used for storage.

Black, white or oak

BOX is a fireplace offering many solutions. First you select your colour and insert, then you put the modules together. There is plenty of leeway to be creative ensuring that your fireplace is completely unique. You can choose an insert with two or three sides, and the frames and modules are both available in black and white.

How to build Box

- If you choose oak cupboard doors, you soften the tight modules and give the furniture a beautiful, Nordic touch. It’s completely up to you to decide what you would like it to express, says Mørk. 

She recommends finding out where the stove is to be positioned before planning the rest of the modules.

- The modules are attached to each other using magnets. The number of modules and how high up you go is your decision to make. You can go all the way up to the ceiling if you like. Extra modules can also be bought later on, if you want to change the design of the furniture after a while but without having to move the stove.

Clean lines

The BOX series is a modern way of think about stoves, and Ingvild Wasbotten Mørk believes that it fully compliments contemporary furniture trends.

- A few years ago, a fireplace was synonymous with a corner stove with borders and arches. Nowadays, most stoves are cleaner and more stylish in design terms, with simpler shapes, straight lines and less ornamentation, says the designer. She believes that style and necessity ought to determine which stove you end up with.

- Think about where you spend most of your time to make sure you will be able to see the flames from wherever you end up. You should also consider how much space you have available. Nordpeis BOX is particularly suitable if you don’t have much space, because you get a bookcase and fireplace in one.

Mørk is about to replace her old fireplace at home, and wants a stove that can be the heart of the living room. 

- I want something that suits the rest of the interior, and which fits with the architectural style of my home. I would definitely choose a big fireplace over a big TV. Definitely! Better to consign the TV to the basement.


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